The Team

Clinical Director – Jonathan Keefe, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA

A native of Lexington, Kentucky, Jonathan began training as a behavioral technician in 1997, as part of a 360-hour research project that was a graduation requirement for the accelerated Math, Science, and Technology Center program at Paul Laurence Dunbar. Inspired by the positive outcomes from his research on the efficacy of video modeling as an extension of an intensive early intervention program, Jonathan continued to work directly with children with ASD throughout his high school years and during the summer months while he completed his undergraduate degree in Neuroscience at Kenyon College.


Jonathan earned his Master of Education in Special Education with a concentration in Autism from the University of Louisville in 2009. To fulfill the requirements for Board Certification, he then completed additional coursework through Florida Institute of Technology’s ABA program. After completing his supervised independent fieldwork, Jonathan has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) since January 2013. He is also a Licensed Applied Behavior Analyst (LBA) via Kentucky’s Applied Behavior Analysis Licensing Board.


Jonathan currently serves as VBC’s Clinical Director, a role that includes Program Supervision and Behavior Supports Services for the clients on his direct caseload, in addition to oversight of clinical Treatment Plans for VBC’s current clients who receive ABA services. Jonathan also serves as the BCBA supervisor for VBC team members who are in the process of accruing supervised independent fieldwork toward eventual certification as BCBAs or BCaBAs. Ongoing supervision of all team members and development of educational programs for the VBC team are both important aspects of Jonathan’s role as Clinical Director.
In addition to his role on-site at the VBC clinic, Jonathan’s areas of interest include collaboration with providers in educational settings, strategies for inclusion of children with ASD in general education settings, development of early intensive behavioral intervention programs, and the use of criterion-referenced assessments in development of comprehensive treatment plans.


Director of Operations –  Alison Keefe, M.A. BCBA, LBA

Alison Adams is a native of Lexington, Kentucky. Alison first began working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders in high school, when she was a caregiver for a family with a child with ASD. Seeing the progress that child made in his early ABA program, Alison began training as a behavioral technician in 2007 and worked full-time alongside Board Certified consultants while completing her Psychology degree at the University of Kentucky. Alison completed the rigorous professional development course sequence for her BCaBA through Florida Institute of Technology in 2011 and completed her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis through Ball State University in 2016. She has been a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) since January 2013 and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since August 2016. Alison is also a Licensed Behavior Analyst in Kentucky.
Alison has worked with VBC since 2007. Currently, she serves as both a Program Supervisor, designing comprehensive treatment plans and Behavioral Language Programs for the clients on her caseload, and VBC’s Director of Operations. In her role as Director of Operations, Alison considers the Operational Behavioral Management (OBM) branch of ABA, working to increase the efficiency of VBC’s systems, expediting communication between VBC’s staff and clients so that the entire team can focus less on logistics and more on the high quality ABA services that VBC is known for. In addition to her responsibilities as a Program Supervisor and the Director of Operations, Alison also oversees VBC’s Social Groups, developing unique curricula of adaptive social behaviors for both early and advanced learners.